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About Us


Samson Manufacturing is the premier manufacturer of firearms parts and accessories. Specializing primarily in the AR-15 market, Samson also has a diverse and accomplished product line including: Kalashnikov handguards, optics and magnifier mounts, fixed and folding rifle sights, and much much more. Samson utilizes state of the art engineering and CNC machining techniques to ensure that all of our products not only exceed industry standards but set them.

Located in Keene, NH and bringing to the table more than 24 years of design build experience, Samson Manufacturing is the only choice for retail customers, firearms manufacturers with specialized project needs, and distributors looking for excellent selection and extremely high cost/value. Samson serves retail customers and dealers directly and through a wide variety of distribution channels. OEM projects and custom design builds are handled directly by Samson's product development team and we welcome the opportunity to prototype and produce custom, precision machined, CNC aluminum or plastic injection molded products to meet your company's unique demands.

Samson is also heavily invested in the competition, Law Enforcement, and military communities. We currently sponsor a professional shooting team with appearances on the 3 gun nation pro tour. Samson is the sole sponsor of the 3 gun nation ladies pro tour and is actively involved in several national projects to encourage more females to join the shooting community. Samson Pro offers a department direct purchasing program for law enforcement agencies throughout the country in addition to discounts for current or former LE/MIL personnel who order directly. Samson holds several military contracts with units in every branch of the armed forces as well as USSOCOM.

Order your Samson product today and join select list of shooters who demand nothing but absolute best in quality, price, and customer service.


CNC Machining:
  • 12 CNC machines including:
    - Citizen  Swiss turn
    - Haas EC-400 PP
Prototype Development:
  • Test devices
  • Patent for Autonomous Lawn Machine
  • Research & Development
  • Full Design Services

Plastic Molding Technology:
  • Rotational molding
  • Blow molding
  • Injection molding
  • dxf capabilities
  • computer control, PLC


Samson Manufacturing has an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. In industry, all quality control measures are known as "non-value add". This means that every company loses money on this process as it does not in any way help shape the product into something that raises the retail value. Many companies sacrifice quality control in order to save money, and produce more volume. As our customers are well aware, Samson refuses to sacrifice quality at any cost. Our customers are loyal and committed just like we are. As the times we live in become more uncertain, our lead times may vary, but our commitment to excellence will not.

If you are in any way unsatisfied with your Samson product, please contact us by email or phone between the hours of 8am and 4pm eastern standard time. Our customer support team will make it right.