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The following are Patents of Samson Manufacturing Corporation:

US Patent No. 11,079,200 – “Underfolding arm brace apparatus for firearms”

US Patent No. 10,845,138 – “Mini Magwell for Semi-Automatic Pistols of Multiple Calibers”

US Patent No. D898,152 – “Firearm support brace”

US Patent No. 10,317,174 – “Modular system for mounting firearm accessories and method for attaching firearm accessory to firearm”

US Patent No. 10,309,748 – “Firearm rail/handguard and mounting system”

US Patent No. 10,309,747 – “Firearm rail/handguard and mounting system”

US Patent No. 8,572,881 – “Modular firearm accessory mount”

US Patent No. 8,479,404 – “Firearm tool”

US Patent No. 8,448,367 – “Modular fore-end rail/hand guard assembly system for firearms with selectable heat dissipation characteristics”

US Patent No. 7,793,452 – “Modular fore-end rail assembly with locking mechanism”

US Patent No. 7,637,049 – “Firearm multitool”

US Patent No. 7,367,152 – “Pivoting mount for a firearm assembly”

The following are Registered Trademarks of Samson Manufacturing Corporation:

QUICK FLIP, STAR, SAMSON EVOLUTION, FIELD SURVIVOR, the SAMSON logo, and the SAMSON MANUFACTURING CORPORATION logo are registered trademarks of Samson Manufacturing Corp.

The rail system “S” cutouts are the registered trade dress of Samson Manufacturing Corp.

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Ruger®, Mini-14®, Mini Thirty®, 10/22®, Wrangler Single-Six®, and Wrangler® are registered trademarks of Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

M-Lok®, Miad®, and MOE® are registered trademarks of Magpul Industries Corp.

Trijicon® is a registered trademark of Trijicon, Inc.

Leupold®, and DeltaPoint Pro® are registered trademarks of Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

GoPro® is a registered trademark of GoPro, Inc.

M&P® is a registered trademark of Smith & Wesson, Inc.