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International (non-USA) Customers

Samson International is experienced in supporting our non-U.S. customers by exporting parts and accessories for firearms. Some items can be exported without an export license.

The U.S. government has two agencies that issue licenses and the process is explained below:

Department of Commerce Licenses:

Magnifiers, regulated as optical sights, require a Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Commerce license to most countries. (However, items sold for use in countries that cooperate in Crime Control restrictions, such as NATO, Japan, Australia & New Zealand do not require a license.) Please note, Canada is still subject to the Firearms Convention and requires a license from BIS.

The documentation customers need to provide Samson to apply for a Commerce Export License includes: original import authorization permit from the country, purchase order and an end-user statement on your letterhead, verify that the licensed product will not leave that country, and needs to be in English (or be provided with an official translation). In the end- user statement, you explain the intended use and customer type for the product.

Import permits or import certificates usually contain an official signature, government seal and the validity period of the transaction. The information on the import certificate must match the information on the end-user statement and the purchase order.

There is no charge for Samson International to apply for the Commerce License and the time frame to get an approval, once the correct paperwork is submitted, is approximately 2 weeks.

Department of State Licenses:

Categories I-III of the U.S. Munitions List regulate firearms, parts, and components. Certain accessories that are custom to specific brands, such as rails, or improve the accuracy of the firearm also require a State Department license. Samson International is registered with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). Only a few of Samson Mfg. products require a State Department license.

Examples of items that require a license by the DDTC, Dept. of State: Magazines, barrel nuts, gas blocks, night vision sights and certain custom rails.

“Minor parts” and accessories may be exported if the order is less than $100.00. Low Value exemption is available to Canada and has recently been increased to $500 for “minor parts” and components.

When required, Samson is able to apply for licenses with the appropriate documents from the importer, which include an original government-issued import permit stating a specific validity period. The license application we submit must match what is listed on a single Purchase Order. The Purchase Order value needs to be stated in U.S. dollars, must be signed and dated, and be printed preferably on your company’s letterhead. Information must include the product description, part number, quantities and pricing. All supporting documentation must be scanned as a PDF document so we can upload it with the license application.

Please mail the originals to our office so we can provide it to our freight forwarder prior to shipment. Kindly email the documentation first, for review to ensure that the forms are complete.

The cost of the application charged by DDTC, whether it is approved or not, is $250.00. We need to list all parties who take possession of the shipment, so indicate what company will be your customs broker to clear the goods. Our established freight forwarder is in compliance to handle International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) goods.

To ship small orders, the postal service is the least expensive way to ship. We offer expedited service, if desired. Tracking number will be forwarded to you once the order is shipped. Please note, UPS will not ship gun parts at all. We use FedEx for larger orders and other freight forwarders for large order that require a skid.

Our mission at Samson International is to provide fast and reliable export services.

For International Sales, please direct your queries via email to Cathleen Samson by Clicking Here